Hey, I just had a quick question...
What are your experiences with different kinds of bridges, what are the pros and cons?

I'm looking into getting hardware for a build, and I can't decide between a Strat-type string through hardtail, a badass style wraparound, a Tone-O-Matic and stopbar/archtop tailpiece/ or strings though... What are the differences?

There may already be a thread about this, but I couldn't find it in a search, so thanksin advance!

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Wraparounds are harder to get intonated right compared to tunomatics and fender style bridges.

My favorite is a tunomatic straight into the wood like gibsons of old.

String through tele style bridges are suposed to get better sustain that strat style, but still not as good as tunomatics in my opinion.

Wraparounds look cool as **** thought.
I like the string thru the body over the tune O matic myself when I build a guitar. I think you get the best tone and sustain with that combination.

I guess at the end of the day it's just personal preference.

Its the same sort of question as gibson vs fender..
Willieturnip- I'm talking about this kind of wraparound http://site.guitarfetish.com/HGB266_A.jpg that you can adjust intonation on

And yeah, something with a Tune-O-Matic was what I was leaning towards, I'm just not really sure on what to end the strings with... I'm a really indecisive person XD
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Anyone else see the irony in smashing a guitar that says "peace and love" ?
sound different, feel different... personal preference, mainly.
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One-piece Wraparound bridges give better sustain than anything else, and you get less string wear. The downside is it's nearly impossibly to intonate them completely correctly, and some people find palm muting hard with wraparounds since you have to mute on a curve rather than a strict edge like you get on a Tune-O-Matic.

Tune-O-Matic and Stopbar combos tend to give the second best sustain (especially with a locking stopbar), are easy to intonate correctly and many people find them the most comfortable to use. Depending on what material they are made from they can severely impact the tone, and some people find they are generally a downgrade to Wraparounds. A good option, but Wraparounds are usually better if you know how to set them up properly and you get used to how they play.

Tune-o-Matic and string-through is pretty much the same but often with slightly more string tension and wear, slightly less sustain (despite what the adverts say) and less impact on tone. A good option if you like the feel of the TOM but you don't want to alter tone, or if you often downtune.

Single unit string-through is, I think, rather pointless. Not as comfortable or has as much sustain as a TOM/through combination, and doesn't have the versatility of at least a Fender style vibrato bridge. There's just no point to these, flat-out.

Vintage style vibrato units like those found on most Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and Jaguar models will hurt sustain, haven't got the greatest tuning stability, and greatly impact the tone - but the options the vibrato gives you outweight those problems, I think.

Bigsby style vibrato bridges tend to have less range than the vintage-style vibrato, their tuning stability is worse, but they don't murder sustain and tone quite as much.

Locking vibrato units like the Floyd Rose series are really a more extreme version of the Vintage style vibrato; better tuning stability, more vibrato range, but hurts sustain even more, effects tone even more, is more of a pain to set-up, etc etc.

My personal order of preference would be Wraparound, Fender-style Vintage vibrato, then finally Tune-o-Matic and Stopbar. I don't see much use in any of the other bridge styles.
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