hey so my band just put up a new song on our myspace
The songs called Hopeless Nights
im interested in what you guys think of the solo
its around 2 :10 ish
Comment please!

LOL edit :
i forgot the link
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you should remake it, and end it in a higher note, it sounds muffled and not as good as it should be. Do it. Now.
Shawn George Noel
needs to cut through more, needs to be more intense (that doesn't have to mean fast, but it could), and also, you seem to be flopping backing and forth with the chord being played. try and have your solo blend with the chord.
Not sure what madshatter is saying about blending with the chords, because most of the notes do blend. There's a few notes that don't blend as well as they could, but nobody's solo ever does. Solo sounds pretty good to me. At about 2:34 just after solo, those notes are a bit flat. (The D and A) Not sure if you can fix that or not, but if you have the mix, might be worth chucking on a little pitch ajustment.