I don't have over 1000 dollars to spend (au) which makes it hard to find a decent tube amp. There must be some tube combos for under 1000. Theres not much on Ebay.. Sorry to all the Valve purists but are there possibly any good solid states?

I play a lot of harshly distorted music (Punk rock, Hard rock, the occasional thrash) but i also like my cleans. I like having a muddy, fuzzy sound but still with a bit of bite to it... Playing with a squier strat and using a boss df-2 distortion..
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maybe try the bugera series?
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ide upgrade your guitar and your amp,

mesa used F30 combo? and maybe an ibanez of some sort?

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Are you going to be gigging/have a band? If not, solid states are fine. I like Randall most.

Though, if you want a good tube amp, Randall also makes the RG50TC which is loud enough for pretty much any gig you'll be going to, unless you play to 2000+ people.
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
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Maybe A krank Rev jr.
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TS I dont think alot of these guys understand what the prices are in australia

post a link to an australian music store site and i think they'll get it...
people who are suggestion amps, keep in mind that a Peavey Valveking 112 is $999 AUS.
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-Vox AC30
-Marshall JCM combo
-Fender Twin Reverb

-Peavey Valveking
-Vox AC15
-Fender Deville (or Deluxe)

The last time I saw a twin reverb used in Australia it was $1500 and It won't fit his style of music.

The Fender Deville's are about $1800AUD and the Deluxe's are about $1600AUD and like the twin, probably won't fit his style. However he can try Bugera's because they will fit his style a lot better and the combo's are less than $1000AUD
As much as everyone hates them, if stuff where you live cost that much, try a marshall mg, not the best thing in the world but great for punk rock and metal
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As much as everyone hates them, if stuff where you live cost that much, try a marshall mg, not the best thing in the world but great for punk rock and metal

nice joke
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+1 on bugera.I'm in a pretty similiar situation to you and that's what I'm going for.
Amybe try saving a bit more money and find a used marshall.
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I recommend the Randall RG50tc aswell. I got mine for 500 bucks used, but i looked at some new ones to, found a few places doing them for around the 800 mark. This amp is a good choice because its affordable, and easiliy upgradable.

Keep in mind though that for under $500 you can get a Rolland Cube 60 which is a great amp and well suited to the stylez that you play (Although not tube)

Also worth checking out a valveking 112 you can get them for $700 at a few places. PM me if your finding the prices are hundreds of dollars more than what ive quoted, as I have bought these amps for these prices in normal retail stores around Melbourne
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