I setup and made a trade online with a person named Schecteraholic / darkangelsavior

his name is Dave from Forth Smith Arkansas

I sent him a Schecter Limited Edition Artist, along with a Digitech RP7 and a Fender Tuner pedal..

at first he claimed he never received it until UPS showed me his babysitter signed for it..

here are a couple PM's...

Nope. I'm flat broke and unemployed. I can ship it C.O.D. if you'd like.
Okay, I'll see if I can get it taken care of tomorrow. If not, I will definitely get it done next week. Sorry about all this. I'm really just going through a lot at the moment. I know it's not your problem, though. At least I didn't intend for it to be.
I won't be able to get anything done until Friday. I may not be working 9 AM to 8 PM Monday through Thursday anymore, but my girlfriend still is. She has the car and the driver's license, so I have to wait until her day off.
the friday excuse has been used 3x already..

I just wanted to give a heads up, I've already been ripped of and now the cops are involved..

thanks or listening

thats why you never ever ship anything till you have the money in your hands
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did you not make the same thread earlier today?

try getting that one some attention, bud... no excuses for poor sales execution, the dude prob tried it with 100 people and you were the one that sent your stuff sans payment.
Wow. Serious Fail. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever send anything without first getting the payment. Even then, make sure the payment is good, especially if it's a personal check - which I would never accept. Best you can do is keep on the guy and hope that he's upstanding and intends to pay you. If not, consider it a lesson learned and move on.
you are a bigger person than me. With an address I may have to pay a visit to show an example of "negative feedback".
It works both ways, the buyer has to have some comfort and the seller does too. One of the two parties has to make an exception; I"m sorry to see the Indian Scout got burnt this time. I hope you are able to recover your gear.
I would NEVER send anything without payemnt 1st...sorry this happened to you
Did you guys read where he stated he was trading, not selling/buying?
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