I am looking at getting a seven-string guitar, and i'm looking at 3 in particular.

One: Schecter Hellraiser wich i've tested out, the only problem with that one is that i'm looking for one with a trem.

two: Ibanez s7320. It has the specs i'm looking for (mahogany body, trem) but i can't find one to test drive. I have a thing about playing an axe before i buy it.

And three: Ibanez RG1527. Again it has MOST of the specs i'm looking for (not crazy about basswood bodies)

what do i do?
The s rapes the hellraiser
Call me the rap assassinator. Rhymes rugged and built like Schwarzenegger
i've heard great things about the s, but i've also heard that the trem causes a lot of trouble