So i have a roland JC-120 and i was wondering how to use the inputs in the back that say ch-2 effects loop and footswitch. I have a pretty general understanding of what they do (at least where it says footswitch..(it just uses the amps effects???)), although i don't understand how to do an effects loop or how it works or anything so if anybody wanted to explain it to me that'd be great
and explain how a footswitch works to?

like do you just plug it into one of the inputs in the back and then it switches the amps effect on or off (chorus reverb or distortion)

how does it work when there are two buttons, are there two cables coming out???

i've never gotten to use one of these before sorry if i sound like a complete dumbass

and does it matter like what footswitch for what amp? like would i need a roland footswitch for my roland amp or do they all do pretty much the same thing
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