You are incorrect. The Starting Line is not Jawbreaker.
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Have they had a half decent record since SILYMI? I agree that "Best of Me" is good but it is also the best of theirs and not the best of all time.

I was a fan when I was 16 or so, but not so much 7 years later.

Say it Like You Mean It was their worst album. haha. Direction is amazing and such a much more mature album than SILYMI. They are a lot different of a band than from way back then.
Maybe I will have to give their newer stuff a listen then.

I just absolutely hated Based on a True Story.

I still wear my clover and "making reading is fun" shirt. Can't have too many good green shirts. And I can't tell you how many times I've seen them live. They're from outside of Philly right?
Yea, they're from a Philly suburb. They are so nasty live tho, they have gotten so much better in the last 2 years too. It sucks they broke up though. I've gotten to see them 8 times and every time you see them you could tell they were better and better each time.
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That's a bummer, I didn't know they broke up. I always liked seeing them live. I'm from Pittsburgh so I've seen them quite a few times. And at a few warped tours back in the day.

Yea, they're great. If you listen to the new album i would listen to "Direction", "Birds", & "Somebody's Gonna Miss Us" first. It's really a great album.
Direction was good. Obviously different, or whatever, but good.
Ready and Given the Chance are my favorite.
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i love the starting line!
im wondering the tuning and **** that they use on Saddest Girl Story haha
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