Iam planning on installing a emg 81 into my bc rich,i was wondering if i could use the volume and tone pots already in the guitar instead of the ones that come with the emgs.
i dont have the volume and tone pots thats why iam asking.
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No. You have to use 25k pots which come with the EMG's.
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do u know were i could find those cheap and iam only installing one emg in the bridge spot so do i need anything special for that.
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Get a new amp first.

EMG's don't sound worth a poorly endowed titmouse without a good tube amp.

Go ahead and spend money on an EMG right now, but it won't do **** all.
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the spider is my practice amp i use my dad equip ment he got three differnet halfstacks and he has had the emgs for years i wasnt asking for amp stuff people. i know what amps do for sound
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Why not check the "only EMG thread" as found by using the search bar? And to all you forum regulars, let's try to point folks to that thread more often, so it can grow, and maybe some day in the future we won't see 3 of these emg threads per day