So, I'm trying to get back into practising guitar, but I can't find a way to get progress, while enjoying my guitar all the same
I have a Chromatic scale exercise 1-2-3-4 and all 24 variations,
to do for a warm up and finger strength,
but I really don't know where to go from there to get better?
Just sit down and jam for bit, with friends or with iTunes, CDs, w/e. That will teach you a lot more than exercises.

Other than that, what I sometimes do is completely change my picking technique. Like I will do all upstrokes or downstrokes, or start on an upstroke or w/e. Economy picking and sweeping are good practice as well.
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Learn how to spell "practice" first. That should help.
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Be sure to practice everything slowly first before you speed it up.
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Learn how to spell "practice" first. That should help.

but I have a set schedule when I practice and have it all organized on little word chart. what I do with my routine is spread the boring between the fun sections. here are the categories I organize everything into:



Music Reading
Ear Training


Music Theory
Music History/Misc Studies

I do at least one category out of each little block everyday and am getting great results from it. Not to mention I also log and keep a diary of what I did each day.