Subheading 5 (previously discussed topics in the chapter were NWOBHM, LA metal scene, Glam, Beavis and Butthead(lolwut) and the origins of the name “heavy metal&rdquo
Anyway, Subheading 5: Metal Ambition
There was clearly a significant amount of dandyism in the world of heavy metal, especially toward the end of the 1980s, but metal also had its more serious minded, musically earnest, and ambitious practitioners. Perhaps no metal band fits this description better than Metallica; the band began in Los Angeles but moved to the San Francisco area, where they felt that metal fans had a deeper appreciation of their approach to the style. Like other metalheads, Metallica were influenced by Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple. But the band was also influenced by NWOBHM, and especially Motorhead. Formed by Lenny Kilmister in the mid 1970s after the bassist had done a stint with Hawkwind, then band brought together the guitar-dominated sound of British blues rock, the hectic tempos of punk, and a love for biker leather and culture. Though influential, Motorhead never enjopyed marked commercial success in the US, though albums such as Motorhead(UK43, 1977<-chart position btw), Ace of Spades (UK4, 1980) and Iron Fist (UK6, 1982) did well enough in England.
Metallica’s music is often referred to as speed metal, marking the fast tempos and blazing guitar passages that occur on some of their records. Many metal musicians like those in Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer, came to view speed metal as being too narrow(and some considered it too technically demanding) and developed thrash metal, which allowed for a broader range of musical textures and tempos. Metallica’s music indeed displays a wide variety of textures, and this can be found on their early records, such as Master of Puppets(US29, UK41, 1986). The band’s breakthrough album is …And Justice for All (US6, UK4, 1988), and it contains the track “One”, a representative example of the band’s music. Cast in a large two-part form, “One” begins quietly, but gains intensity and speed in the second section of the track. The follow-up, Metallica (US1, UK1, 1991), marked the group’s arrival as one of the most important bands in heavy metal and includes “Enter Sandman”, perhaps the most popular track in all of metal. Another important thrash metal band is Megadeth, led by former Metallica guitarist and singer Dave Mustaine; representative records are Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?(1986), Countdown to Extinction(US2, UK5, 1992), and Youthanasia(US4, UK6, 1994). New York’s Anthrax, who’s 1987 offering Among the Living (US62, UK18) is probably their best, and LA’s Slayer, whose Reign in Blood (US94, UK47, 1986) is representative, are also important.
Subheading 6: The Role of Virtuosity and the Hippie Aesthetic (<--the ****?)
Subeading 7: The Emergence of Rap: rap music and the hip-hop culture
Subheadings 8-11: The First Rap Records; Crossing over to White Audiences; Challenging the Status Quo; Fear of a Black Planet? The Flap over Rap.
Subheading 12: Alternative Rock, Nirvana-fellatio, blah blah blah
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