Basically I've narrowed my search (not a huge budget) down to two guitars.

1. Michael Kelly Patriot Black
-Big fan of ebony fingerboards
-Heard good things about mafia humbuckers
-Never played a Michael Kelly guitar**

2. Agile AL-3000
-Once again love the ebony board
-Not sure about those pickups?
-Have played a agile al-2000 a year ago and was actually impressed for the price

I dont mind swapping buckers down the line, just wont be for 3 or 4 months if needed.
I have tried epi les pauls in the price range but didn't like them and the prices have gone up in the meantime.

Basically with the awful Canadian dollar right now and including shipping. The Agile will work out to maybe 20 dollars cheaper? Any advice? Thanks
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I like Epi LPs but if you didn't care for them go with the Agile over the MK Patriot. I have played MK guitars and they are nice but I am still not too sure about them yet.

Agile has a great history and makes one dam fine LP copy for the money and they have great customer service.

Edit: I just visited Rockfield's site and listened to the samples of their Pups and I love the Fat A** pup sound a lot. I might order a set and try them out.

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ummm I'm not sure what price range those guitars are but I believe the best les paul imitation is the dean soltero you should check one of the korean ones out
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Dillion or edwards they look better than the agile and are better overall imo
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Well aware, thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else have any experience on the two guitars I mentioned?
the MK i have a patriot ltd w/ natural finish it is awesome
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Well i've heard only good things about Agile's guitars, especially considering their price.

Is it possible for you to try the Michael Kelly? Because if not, you could be in for an even worse surprise when you get it and find out you don't like how it feels or sounds.

Dont forget, Kurt from rondomusic.com is one of the nicest and most understanding guys you'll ever meet. If you do end up getting the Agile and don't like it, you can return it to him for a full refund within i think a week, and you can return it if it malfunctions within 30 days but without getting shipping charges refunded. Also, you can email him AFTER the 30 day period and ask for approval to return something.
Agile all the way. I got a 3100 LP for Christmas (same as 3000 but with MOP inlays) and it is absolutely amazing. It plays and sounds like a $800 - $1000 guitar but is only $400. The pickups are actually really good too, good clean and distorted sound. Maybe not quite as good as some SD or Dimarzios but very good. The craftsmanship just screams quality, not a flaw in sight. Agile = best quality to price ratio. Of course you're not getting the "real" LP shape but it's well worth 2x it's price.
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I would say go with the Agile. Tey have a great reputation and all the ones i have played were amazing for the money. I did have an Agile LP 12 string for a short time I sold to a friend who bugged me for weeks to sell it to him. He really loved the guitar more than I did.

I have tried out the MK guitars and they are nice I think you might be happy with one but I still would go with the Agile as my first choice.

Agile The pickups are actually pretty decent.
I have no experience with MK but I can tell you - for 390 bucks my agile is fantastic.
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Get the Michael Kelly. The Agile isn't really that great of quality.

Michael Kelly's are amazing. Best guitar for the money. The Rockfield's in it are great!

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Michael Kelly guitars are not worth it really... they are bulky and uncomfortable and the necks are not good... I would choose the agile.