This is coming from someone who usually hates deathcore with a passion, so dont take it lightly. I thought you guys definitely have some skill, and some decent chops. I found you guys sounded alot like some of the better deathcore out there like Ion Dissonance. You guys are headed in the right direction but need to differentiate from the pack, instead of being straight up death metal/deathcore try fusing it with something else the way Sleep Terror does death metal with jazz.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ2VejtrjqE ----example of sleepterror

Anyways, work on cleaning up your sweeps and you should be set, and remember, you guys can be something if you dont follow the same path as other deathcore bands and instead pull a BtBaM
Sweeet stuff. As the guy above, I usually stay away from deathcore (especially BMTH kind of trend stuff), but this stuff is pretty sweet. Maybe add more diversity though. Clean passages, solos, more harmonizing (like the part in 2:53, which is gold).

Check out my metal christmas song (which really has nothing to do with christmas) on my profile if you feel like it.
Dude i liked it alot!!! it sounds awesome. One of the few bands with this sound on here!! The drummer is sick, and the guitar riffs are mean!!!
Are you guys from Socal? That Stay Brutal shirt is from the record label "This City is Burning" out here in Socal. anyway, i liked it alot!! You guys need to get in the studio.

Crit mine? We kind of have a bit of the same style, you might like it,

thanks for all of the feedback! it is much appreciated!

slayerfrk, we tune to drop A, doesn't get much lower than that dude..

l33TgUiT@rd00d, your band is ****ing amazing! the song "deprived" is so ****ing sick.
and we're not from california, we're from canada, trying to rep deathcore in our ****ty northern scene.
sick ****, the riffs are insane and the drumming is pretty intense.