Hello UG'ers.
About a month ago, after waaay to much shopping around for my liking, I picked up a 2008 Gibson LP Traditional (Highly recommend it, BTW).
The salesman (who was actually a really nice guy) said that the Plek system (machine accurate fret placement and trimming, i think) on the guitar would make it so that I wouldnt need to take the guitar in for a "tune up" right when I bought it.

For the most part, he was right. Up until now it gave off very little feedback with a fair amount of gain. But all of a sudden when I switch on some gain I get some pretty nasty feedback. What could I have done? I take seemingly too much care when playing/moving the guitar so it's not abused. It's tuned properly and I've tried switching patch cords.

I don't know what I'm expecting anyone to tell me, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time! Merry Christmas!
well. It has nothing to do with fret buzz. You may want to consider contacting gibson directly. Im sure they take care of their customers. Especially when you pay around 2 grand for a Les Paul.
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feedback isnt fret buzz. feedback means a. too much gain b. microphonic pickups (highly unlikely) c. bad tubes if you gotta tube amp

what is your amp?

fyi, the plek system is for the frets, makes "perfect" playability with no fret buzz. you can hear fret buzz with the guitar unplugged, its the string vibrating and hitting a fret that is too high or if the action/truss rod is set improperly.
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I Have a Hughes and Kettner Matrix 100 Combo (It's not a tube).
When I switch to "Lead" or "Warp" (Heavier channels), if I am not touching anything metal on the guitar it emits a very audible hrrrrrrrrm noise. If I touch the strings, pickups, head on the patch cord or even the strap buttons the sound stops.

Sorry for getting my words crossed.
Thanks again.
Also, while I'm at it, when I do a fairly heavy bend on the higher frets(12 or so and up) on the E or B strings the strings and nut make noticeable "clicking" noises. Is this normal (hah) or should I do something about it next time I restring (or take it in)?
The guitar sounds and plays beautifully besides for these dumb things I'm finding now that I've laid my $2600 down.