hey guys-
i was wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between the epiphone pr150 and epiphone dr 100. i walked into guitar center today with my mind set on the dr 100 since i heard good things about it. however, when i got there, the guy said they ran outta stock..and showed me the pr 150. there is a 10 dollar price difference (the pr being cheaper.) is there a significant difference between the two? which one is better? thanks!!
with epi i really don't think theres gonna be much of a difference.
your action might be a bit off but it should be a decent guitar for the money

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i bought a pr-150 for my girlfriend for christmas, since im not giving it to her or letting her know about it till christmas i've been playing it to break it in, and it sounds great, i really like the finish too, for the price i'd say its an amazing deal and i dont see how the dr-100 could be any better, plus the pr-150 says dr on it anyways which is odd and also the action isnt high at all and if the one you looked at is it can be adjusted
I just got my PR 150 shipped today and even though I don't know much about guitars at his point, there doesn't seem to be any problems with it. It looks really nice (I got the sunburst) and am sure will serve any beginner well for learning.
thanks guys! i ended up getting the PR-150 today, in vintage sunburst too. it looks exactly alike the dr.
The PR-150 has a solid top. I know I'm a little late, but I'm posting it for future viewing.