I know I made a thread about this song a good month ago, but I finally finished it and I believe this is going to be the very final version. Like I said, C4C, just provide a link for the song. Be brutally truthful.
Bad Memories.zip
I shall comment as i listen to the song

INTRO: sounds to be a good song
VERSE: seems a bit repetative to the intro, might still be good with lyrics though
BRIDGE: sounds nice
RIFF A: doesnt sound right with the rhythm suddenly appearing and disapearing, possibly have that appear on bar 23, continue it and speed it up and bring it back down to the speed in the next verse
VERSE: nice
CHORUS: nice chord progession with the lead.
RIFF B: good good
SOLO: ahaha ^-^
THRASH BREAK: bit of a let down with the drums,
SOLO: loving the rhythm style to it, so im loving this solo
REV/REVISION: nice outro to the solo, cant really hear the lead that much though its a nice build up to the bridge
BRIDGE: kinky.
RIFF A AGAIN: sounds better this time

Overall, i would listen to the song ^-^
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