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Looking at making a bass. Was wondering if there was anything I should be concerned about if I were to buy this body rather than spending 200 on an actual fender body. Saw that its made in China at a factory where I'm guessing they are mass produced. One of my friends gave caution as to buying it with no other reason than that so I want to be sure that it will be good enough?


I've never bought any parts from somewhere like this before but from what I've heard, they can be hit and miss, I say go for it though. You could end up with a decent body for real cheap
Only 40 bucks, why not?
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Several reasons to buy the better and more expensive body. Is the body on ebay made out of the wood they claim it is, ash isnt an easy or cheap wood to come by in china. They like to substitute cheap stuff for expensive stuff. Was it made by a decent company, if supervised and guided by experienced people the chinese can make decent parts. On their own its gonna be screwed in some way, neck pocket to big/deep/tilted, pickup routes offcenter, etc. As its a chinese company if you get it and its junk your out a hundred bucks. Ive spent alot of time in china and seen the "guitars" they make and sell there. Many werent even playable. I pickup a strat, it said fender stratocaster but no serial #, so I had something to play. It wasnt possible to intonate as the neck pocket was deep, the body was made of balsa or something really light. When strung the whole body bowed, if you took 1 string off the rest would go flat against the frets. At 35 bucks for the guitar it wasnt a total loss I threw in in the trash rather than bring it home. You may think your saving money if your lucky the body is what they say it is, but knowing the chinese not likely.