Hopefully it's easier to answer these questions in one thread than two.....

What is the neck radius on an Epiphone Standard Plus Top Les Paul, and what neck is that closest to for a Gibson Les Paul--'50s, '60s, etc?

Has anyone played one of the new Epiphone Wilshires? Are they worth buying and putting in new pickups, or are they a P.O.S. no matter how you slice it? I see the pics on the net, but I really don't like the idea of buying guitars online that I haven't tried even if you can return them in 30 days....I'm wondering if guitar stores even stock them, tbh.

Thanks for your help!
What does P.O.S. mean? ;_;
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Epi's are normally 14" radius, Gibsons are 12"

what made the Les paul "blues friendly" and easier to bend on etc was because 12" was quite flat compared to a strat, so by the same logic, an EPI is even more 'blues friendly' tahn a real one.

Have not played one of the wiltshires, but my 05 chinese LEs paul standard plus top had okay pickups in it (they are now in my 90's Epi SG) but I did upgrade them