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so i got thinking what makes you better than the other guitar players what traits do you have that sets you apart from other players
4. fat/ugly girls....just 'cause

I'm actually not really pissed off by any of those you lose.

lol what fat girls piss every one off.
i find all my friends play real sloppy.
and either use too little or too much gain.

oh, and pretty much everyone i know has/has owned
either a Line 6 Sider or a Marshall MG.
Im proud to say i've never owned either.
Quote by telecastermetal
I play metal through a ****ty 10 watt amp with a telecaster.

i'm different

lol i also gt a 10 watt amp but i dont play metal
4. fat/ugly girls....just 'cause

I'm actually not really pissed off by any of those you lose.

lol what fat girls piss every one off.
I can play guitar while hanging upside down in a tree.

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I'm humble.

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Everyone I've ever played in a band with has always commented on the fact I always play what's right for the song. Whether it be simple or complicated, it will enhance the song.
It's the only way to play for me.

I've had other compliments but they'd sound a little too much like bragging if I mentioned them.
I can jump puddles.

I has mi sum of dem intellegemence.

I know that which amp or guitar someone has, has no bearing on their skill or worthyness as a musician.

I can play upsidedown better than darren

I'm WAY more humble than guitartist (like you wouldn't believe how much more humble I am)
im not necessarily better than my local guitar buddies but i play seven strings and they play 6. makes me different, plus i can play an entire range of notes they cant
I can translate metric meters into Imperial meters.
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hmmmm i like to think my sound is somewhat unique, but in all reality i'm probably really nothing all that special.
I've got the most important trait of all when it comes to Guitar.
The willingness to learn and improve
I play guitar hero and actual guitar and am pretty damn good at both.

And I play terror death licks to the tune of The Legend of Zelda.
Quote by buni_rabit
so i got thinking what makes you better than the other guitar players what traits do you have that sets you apart from other players

^ Not worrying about how I good I am compared to other players. I think thats a fairly rare trait for a guitarist.
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Not much, mainly odd but cool sounding licks by changing scales alot during songs. Most other guitarists in my area stick to pentatonic licks. Yay for me.

I'm not that great technically, so I don't try to do super fast runs if I can't play them or if I know it will be super sloppy.

I like to think I know quite a bit of theory, which sets me apart from almost every guitarist my age that I've ever met locally.

I like to think my phrasing is not too bad and is getting better.

I don't worry if the next guy can play 64th notes at 250bpm.
Uhhhh, I'm bad and I make alot of mistakes.

I guess I don't take myself very seriously and that adds something (or takes something away) from my playing. I like to pull strings off the fretboard and stuff...just have fun.
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I'm always learning new stuff (theory right now, it's helping me to compliment the rest of the band) and I can keep a rhythm.
Quote by diminishedtobme
I can play the whole chromatic scale.

I could play the chromatic scale when I first picked up the guitar, mind you I had no idea wtf I was playing.
-No Anchor - Very proud of that!
-Alternate Picking - Nobody I know uses it...
-Very Little Tension - Really proud of that one too!
-Tapping - Everyone I know thinks it's amaing...

EDIT: It seems to me that if we, in the AT forum, lived in the same area, we would have some pretty kickass bands! Where I live we get to listen to people play 50's and 60's the original "Pretty Woman". By the way, I have no clue when that song was actually written, but it sounds a lot like what I get to here at bars 'n such. There's no such thing as clubs around here.
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I'm very, very average.

Seriously, I bring nothing new to the table but I like to think I do some things at least reasonably well, even if I'm not awesome.
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That im Very good when playing by myself but in the company of better musicians or trying to impress someone I suck horribly.

Listen to my skillz, that'll say what sets me apart. Rate em.

(And That im the best guitarist on the planet and humble at the same time...)
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I write from the heart and I don't just throw crazy fast paced riffs with no groove/feel. and yes a groove on the guitar.

also everyone around me expect for my fellow guitarist is into rock/classic ****. We're into metal. Its awesome when me and him start jamming our music in front of them.


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Classical influences, REAL ONES. NOT just neo-classical metal wankery. Also being able to play in nearly any style I'm required to.
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I primarily play fretless guitar. I've never met another who also plays without frets.

It's always funny when people try to play it it's so different.
I have a guitar...and aids
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Hmmmm. I play through bass amps to get that sound i like... Yeah... Plus i am crazy, you never know what to expect out of me live hehe.

Other than that hmmmm... I think Squier is the best brand ever? Not just for beginners, for anyone.

I like to gig with a 20watt amp i have with a mic into the console.
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can play changes.
can play in a group and not make it about the guitar, but the overall sound?
Ummm Im seventeen and i play in bars on the rough occassion.

And i only listen to the compliments of complete strangers
ive heard and know a lot of people who just dont take playing cleanly and perfectly seriously enough.

they seem to be happy with mistakes here and there. I am a my sweeps, runs, and general playing must be perfect. if it isnt...i slow down until it is.

this is what sets me apart from A LOT of people.
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