I've known the whole pentatonic scale for over a year now. What scale should i learn next?
i honestly wouldn't say learn scales just to solo better. learn notes, and then when you're jammin with a band and its your turn to solo just hit the root note then go from there with a judgement of intervals. thats what i do and i think it works pretty well. but sclaes are alright too.
I've been having this trouble as well. Being a huge AC/DC fan, minor pentatonic is very important to me, and my solos as a result are somewhat bland and repetitive :P
I would suggest listening to songs from all sorts of different genres, learning solos from different songs by tabs to get a wider variety of cool licks. As for scales I'm not too knowledgable, i just find licks that sound cool as i'm playing.
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Learn to use chord tones in solos. Otherwise, you're just rattling out a load of hit or miss notes. =)
Go buy Guitar World magizine. They always have some kewl ideas. Learn to expand the pentatonic overboard. Clapton has done it for years.
it's good that you know the scale. but, dog, just experiment. it's the key to all great musicians. find the chord progression, find the root note that corresponds, and have at it till you got something that sounds cool.
and also, learning solos from different songs (and styles of songs) really helps. if you learn solos from Linkin Park to Ozzy Osbourne to Green Day to Santana to Nirvana to AC/DC, you're gonna get a TON of exposure to a TON of different music. that and you're gonna find that lots of solos are actually pretty damn simple.
and then, combine the two techniques. find a song, maybe one w/out a solo, and make up a solo for it based on what part of the song you think it should go to. it's hella fun, believe me...
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practice pantera solos cos dimebag kicks arse

Dimebag didn't really know much theory, he even said it himself.

From looking at some Pantera solos, they usually start on the root note of the chord?
learn all the modes and you know every note in the scale in pretty much every position
Stop saying modes ffs, they're not going to help one bit.

TS, to get better at soloing listen to more solos, learn more solos and take the time to understand them. Look at what other people play in certain situations and ask yourself why they played it.

As far as knowing what scale to use you need to learn some theory. Learn the notes on the fretboard, learn about intervals, learn about key signatures and learn the major scale.
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