I am wanting to get into the RC thing as a hobby.

I am wanting an F-86 Sabre RC plane.

A real one, not one of those toy things. I want one of those massive 7ft. actual motor type of planes. Ones with actual landing gear and 5 channel operation. Actual aleorons and tail rudders, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Any sites to check that carry real ones versus toys?
I have 2 hobbyzone planes, the firebird commander and aerobird challenger.. they aren't exactly the type that you're talking about.. flying is hard, and expensive.. for those big planes you have to go to flying fields with clubs and get instructors and stuff.. i'd say start out with a plane like the ones i have, the hobby grade planes. not toys, but not totally expensive gas powered yet.

i haven't flown mine in years tho, kinda sad. I'd sell one or both to you if you want
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FightinIrishPJ, I appreciate the offer, I really do. I just want an F-86 Sabre though.

But your right, I should start out on hobby-grade and then if I stick with it, I could upgrade to the club thing. Thanks for the thought though.
fightin irish is right. have you gone to your local hobby shop yet? that will be able to give you a heap of info on the topic
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