I've just started writing lyrics of my own and I'm still very shaky as to how decent they are. However i've had a lot of stuff going on and one of the few outlets I have right now is writing, so if you have any tips for a budding lyricist please share.

Anywho one of my first attempts, it hasn't been put to a song yet and the structure is probably as simple as it gets but i'm rather fond of the meaning.

Not human
Not living
Cold as dusk
In the evening

I feel nothing
I see no one
Colors fading
I feel no one

It’s better this way
To never witness day

To never feel the warmth

To never know the touch

To never be…human


They say I’m better off

Emotions are for the weak

They say I should never know

The voice with which you speak

The warmth is for you
The love is all there
I hold out on it
I should never bear

It’s not meant to be
I am not human you see

My love is a code
This feeling I won’t know

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it gets the point across but i feel like it should be more descriptive
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