My local shop has one that just came in used for $170. I played it, and it feels really nice, but I didn't get a chance to plug it in. What's the humbucker like? Is the sound super warm and bassy? I like a lot of mids and sharp bite. I only own one bass, so I was thinking I should have a backup (espeically since I'll be gigging a LOT next semester). For $170, is this bass worth picking up after Christmas if I have the money left over?
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I havn't played one but judging by the position of the pickup, its probably on the muddy side. They are beautiful though.
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It's a huge, massive, treble-less mud tone. Not as bad as the EB-0, but plenty close. It's by no stretch a main bass, but it's a fun sound to have in the arsenal.
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The one I played recently had a vintage thump to it. Fitz is right--it does lack quite a bit of treble but R & B songs sound really sweet on it. Its not hard to get a good Jamerson tone out of one of those babies.
huge sound. no bite or attack. lots of low mids
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Alright, Well I'll talk to my tech and see how much it would cost to put a MM humbucker in that thing in the bridge position. If he could do that for me, it might be worth it as a project bass.
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I have the bass(you can see it in my avatar) and it's good if you want a warm thumpy bass tone. Like a Gibson EBO except not muddy. It dosen't get much use anymore because now I favor my jazz bass, but it has the best feeling neck I've ever played. It's sorta like a slimmed down precision bass neck. It has a 1.6 width but the best thing about it is that the back of the neck is satin finished like the american standard fenders. I'd put that neck on my jazz bass if it weren't for that damn square-heel neck it has
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