Hey guys, I had a bad experience with getting a pawned amp and returning it, I guess I'm gonna go to the local GC tomorrow, but I need to know what to get. I'm looking for something at about $300-$400, I strictly play metal with occasional switches to the clean channel. I want something that sounds really crunchy for metal naturally, effects don't really matter to me because I use pedals. Good tone is always the point, so maybe you guys know a good amp that's suggested for my playing style in that price range. Thanks for ideas because I really don't know what to go with.

This is just a bedroom practice amp, maybe for the smallest gigs known to mankind as well, lol. I don't mind if it can get really loud, as long as it can keep a good portion of the tone.

Right now I'm leaning towards getting this Vox: http://www.zzounds.com/item--VOXAD50VTXL
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