Alright, I started working on this today. I haven't attempted anything like this before, so I want to get opinions on what I have so far, just to make sure I'm not working on a dud. It's not even close to finished, just an intro and little bit of other stuff.

C4C obviously

Thanks in advance
Prismatic Dream.zip
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It's good, but it's difficult to give an in-depth crit on something this short.
I'll try.

Some of the instruments were quite low in the mix, which was kinda distracting.
I could see how the volume levels could come into play as a dynamic tool, but tracks 3 & 7 were way too low.

The nylon string melody makes for a good creepypasta line.
And I like the entrance of the ensemble strings.

This reminds me of King Crimson, in parts.
You should definitely finish this up. Give me a heads-up when you do.
If you feel stuck at only portion of this song, listen to the King and Godspeed You! Black Emperor for some inspiration.

If you want to crit, I suggest you look at Extort/Froydmein or tttttttttt_2.
Bump for success

I added quite a bit to it, while at the same time removing a lot of the bloat from it. I tried to fit in better, perhaps darker/suspenseful string arrangements. I'm also working on the verses and chorus, but they seem sort of repetitive. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas are appreciated