Hi hi,
i've been playing guitar for about two months, and was just wondering if ppl would put their opinion in this forum.
Next year for my elective in highschool, i've chosen music. I know how to read tabs and all that but i cant really play songs yet, because iv dedicated most of my time following the steps in guitar books my guitar teacher told me to get.
We have to do performances, study and play a genre of music we pick. I didnt pick music in the last 2 years because when we could change our subjects, i hated doing the subject, partly because i was into rap when i was 14. And we learnt most of the stuff like treble clefts and things like that back then.
I want to play in a band when im older or do music production when im older so it will come in handy, i just don't know if im prepared or not.
Morale of the story: i dont really know if im ready to do performances and all that stuff yet because of the short time. so should i change to another subject, or do music.
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do music.
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Well I did music when I knew very little about it, it wasn't exactly what I expected. If you're not confident within yourself quite yet the performances might not be too fun... but learning the basics of theory (not just surrounding guitar) is useful and helps you appreciate different types of music.
I ended up being first in the class for theory and screwed performances though! Go figure anyway I'd say give it a shot, at least you're interested in the subject. That or your musical spirit will be crushed and you'll lose your passion... which happened to me but it's getting better now!
You might just suck at it, like a few guys in my music class, haha.

Performances should be about 50% of your total marks, so you should practice that as well as your theory, aural skills and musicology, depending on what you're doing throughout the year.
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Honestly, most people aren't ready for their first performance.
It's just the nerves.
Gotta jump in sometime though.
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dont drop it, i started my yr 12 course this term, and its easy to get a good UAI and a good mark for it, my advice is:

to aim for 3 hardish songs for your level and start learning them NOW! plan time at home to study music, whether it is playing, doing exercises on guitar, or theory, which you should be able to learn all theory needed in class,

i recommend if you arent too familiar with music at the moment, to not choose a composition. get 3 songs and practice them, and you will nail them by the time the hsc comes around if you put in. you will be fine! DONT DROP IT

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Practice your whole ****in life. That's how I got good really quick. Just start with some sabbath songs, then move to Megadeth where the instruments are complex but playable.