This summer, I plan on recording a demo of about 4 songs, but I don't have a band. I plan on playing each instrument myself (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, bass, and drums) and recording them into the songs.

I don't have a band right now and if I don't have one by this summer, the that's what I'll end up doing. Also, i don't have any money to hire a session player.

What do you guys think? Should it turn out good in a studio? Oh yeah, I'm doing this at an independent studio.
sounds like a good idea, only bad thing would be if it was real expensive and you weren't real happy with the material
If you can play all of the instruments and are dedicated enough to work on the tracks until they are perfect, then it should be fine. I plan to do a similar thing, but I my own equipment (just need to get it set up properly).
im doing that right now...sort of, it aint in a studio its in a baby studio set up in my room, im doing 5 tracks with artificial drums and me doing everything else, including vocals. 3 tracks in and im really happy with it. i recommend making a mini set up like me as it takes a loooooong time and would be real expensive for you. its really cheap to make a set up too!
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I did the same thing about a year ago recording a full album and still do it from time to time. It's always worked fine for me. The only problem is that you lose some of that power you hear in older recordings when bands would essentially be playing a live gig in studio and of course you can't really perform live.
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Yes, I'll also be doing the vocals

ah sweet! so what's the plan for it, to keep it as a solo project, or use it as promotion for members?
sounds cool... almost too cool *squints at TS and lights cigarette*

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sounds cool... almost too cool *squints at TS and lights cigarette*

I kid, I don't smoke

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That's what I'm doing. I'm in a band right now but we have very different styles of music. They're into the fast, complicated guitar riffs, and I'm into the "get the fists pumping" chords type of music. Everytime I try to write something, they just tell me it sucks and I can't write anything, but I show it to other people they love it. So they don't know it but I'm going to record my own solo project.
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Hi 5 man! this is what Im talkin bout!

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Grohl did it after Kurt Cobain died...go for it! It'll be expensive, though.
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As long as you can really play the instruments you listed, should be fine.

When I was working in a studio, one of the clients was a one man band like that, but he could barely play drums. In the end, they hired a session drummer to groove on the track and it turned out awesome. But crappy drumming can be alright for a demo.
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I'm plannin to do the same thing. But not any time too soon. But yeah it should turn out fine, if you can play all the intruments.