Alright I installed Half Life 2 on my comp and I checked on that 'Can you run it?' website and it said my computer would run it really fast. But whenever I play episode 1 it goes to the loading page and it freezes and on Episode 2 it goes to the loading page but it lags a heap load and I tried to play it but it said I ran out of OS memory or something? can anyone help?

And also before I launch it says I have a video card that they dont have on their systems
( a 'Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family) but even on the online system test for the game it said it was no problem im not sure if that is the problem but like i said before the computer test said my computer was fine.

Can anyone help me pinpoint this problem?

I already posted this in the gaming thread but it seems as if my post is lost so I was hoping for some soon answers here. I'll delete the thread when my problem is resolved. My system should be able to run the game I checked out my hardware and everything can run it so im not sure exactly.
try the computer thread then if the gaming thread wasn't helpful. if all else fails, try tech support for the game/your hardware.
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