just wondering if anyone has like all in one tab of a band
you no for if ur comp is slow or net isnt working or like me u want to print them out

im looking for first off a blink-182 tab including every song or
is that something i have to do myself?>

(interested in all bands)
You might find some on torrent search engines for powertabs/guitar pro files but your best bet is probably looking at the album tabs on UG.
Or, if you don't want to print them out straight away you could go to the right page and then file - save page as, and then make your own mini-database so you don't have to go online in the future to see them.
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I only get on the computer at work. I use notepad (as I find word sucks for copy/paste with tabs) and just copy/ paste what i need/want and then print and play at home. I have put all the albums (origianl albums, not compilations) in one file. Hope this is what your looking for. I wouldnt suggest printing at one time as it is going to be like 100 pages. I might also suggest that you change your print settings to 2pgs/ sheet. Note that some of these tabs are really good, but others are lacking. I went through them and the ones I dont like I will find a better (rated) tab. These are all from this site (albums). As well dont forget to come back on and give thanks to all those involved in creating the files I have borrowed for this.
the file was tto big so i broke it down. Note that enema of the state has some printing issues - just the way its set up. Go through and fix it if you plan on printing. The rest of them ore pretty good.
chesire cat.txt
im having some upload issues. Ill try the rest later

-enema of the state
-take off your pants and jacket
-self titled

If you want the whole file, i could email it too you but its about 200kb (not big, but if your cpu is slow...)
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