Alot of guitars I play have the volume control knob just under the strings and tremolo which gets in my way when im picking. I pick with my fingers out and my little finger keeps hitting the control knob, which is distracting, does anyone have this problem or is just my technique?

like on this gutiar:



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just don't think about it i had the same problem with my strat i just started playing more up towards the neck
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i kinda have that problem too when i play my jackson, humandragon's right, you have to move your picking hand up further.
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i did on my strat so...
now i dont have a strat!

just find a guitar where it doesn't get in the way
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i have the same problem. just move your hand a little bit more to the neck works for me.
I'm used to strats so I play them without moving my hand up at all. I've never had a problem with it really.
YE thanks,

its just cause im so used to playing my sg.

Ibanez S2170 Purple Chameleon finish
Vintage SG
Roland Microcube
Digitech overdrive
Dunlop Crybaby
Have played an LP for years and never had the problem for obvious reasons but got my first strat a while back and had the same issue with the top vol button and the pickup selector in the top positions - kept knocking it down.

A bit of adaption put an end to it mostly and my unused pick hand fingers now float over the controls instead of amongst them but I still do it on occasions. 20 years of LP habits aren't easy to break.

As for which I prefer - well that's a bit like asking a parent what kid they love the most.
The volume knob has been slowly creeping closer to the pickup on strat style guitars for some reason. My 83 fender has plenty of room my 01 squire is really close. Even a warmoth body I have its almost close enough for the pickup ring to get in the way of the knob. I have to make my own pickguards being lefty so its easy enough to move the knob down farther.
use a volume pedal, remove the top of the knob (plastic parts) and stuff the pot under the pickguard.
see i was really harsh to mine..i rewired it..and got rid of the tone pot lol.. moved en down a hole..so there was an empty hole..solved my issue :P
i pick well close, u get a real twangy tone if you pick quite close..
i do pick between the humbuckers, but i always go closer to bridge..
I stopped playing strats cos if it.

Then started again, all it takes is adjusting how your hand sits, either lock on somewhere in the bridge, out of the way, OR my approach is to make a fist or stick my fingers away from the knob.

Having a vol in easy reach is a blessing for bluesy playing
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