i heard some friends at school talking about a theory where the life you live is just one branch of thousands depending on what choice you made, and that all the other lives you could have lived are being lived, but because you chose the one you did, you are living this one,

went on for a while,

but im wondering if there are any theories like this that have a wikipedia page or something that i can read up on for the next hour or two and keep myself entertained for a while. give my brain a workout.

Many worlds theory. There's probably a technical term for it.

Have a read of the His Dark Materials trilogy (note-READ. Not watch the awful film), it deals with the subject very well.
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That theory isn't too far off... seeing as there are so many humans in the world, all facing similar things and similar choices. In my mind people are basically all the same. Anyway enough babble, an interesting wiki page on philosophy I found was the 'Brain in a vat' theory. Verrrry interesting stuff, not convincing but interesting.
You should start on metaphysics, and learn the study of the nature of existence. That theory you were talking about is just some what if bull**** compared to the fundamentals of meta physics and epistemology.
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theres a video on youtube that explains that, search for "10 dimensions theory" or something like that

that video is where our talk today started from. DAN HUNTER from the band PLAYRADIOPLAY! posted that video in a blog, and talked about it a bit.


he posted a brand new song today, off the album he is making currently.

(blantant publisising i know, but it came up, and i thought i owe it too him for his music)

thanks for all these theories, im loving it right now, the brain in a vat one is hell interesting as well, keep suggesting tho, i have plenty of time to kill