Hey guys, I'm guessing this is the right place to stick this post.

But anyways I was woundering what equpiment you use to record?

Cos' at the moment I'm trying it out through my ZOOM G2.1U effects pedal, and Cubase LE? I think it's LE I can't remember exactly, it came free with the pedal and I'm running the guitar through the pedal and using the amp as the sound part and then using a cable from a printer running that from the pedal and into my USB port, I record fine but I just don't get a clear sound and I get background noise aswell, It also has a habbit of going out of sync and then I completly use the ability to record.
Yea it's Cubase LE
I really think it's a hardware related problem you are dealing with.

If you plug headphones or a speaker into the main out of the Zoom pedal, do you hear the same static type noise? It could just be that it's a lower end pedal and so you will get noise.

Peronally, I believe FX pedals like the Zoom, should not even have a USB port for steaming audio. If you want good sounding audio input, you are best off spending on an audio interface.

PreSonus Inspire 1394
Mackie Onyx Satellite (not for Vista, find it on ebay)
EMU 0202 and 0404

All great interfaces to start on.
Hmm okay, and yeah I do get the same noise it's really annoying.

Thanks alot for the links they really helped (: