So I've finally realised the pickups that came with my guitar are a little lacking despite the fact that they're handmade/wired, they don't have the tone that I'm looking for.

I'm trying to get a really nice shred/metal tone, looking at Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, John Petrucci sort of tone with nice lows and singing highs and I can't achieve it with the pickups I currently have, the tone's good but not good enough in my opinion, it sort of sounds like what Malmsteen would sound like if he used real humbuckers (not P-90s) with a little more gain for the soloing aspect and the rhythm sounds like John Petrucci on the song Constant Motion. Now, I like both of the tones but I feel like I could get a much better tone out of my guitar as the notes aren't clearly defined when I play solos and lead phrases, it seems a little muddy (I'm thinking that could be my Valveking's speaker though).

So, I looked at some reviews for the DiMarzio Tone Zone and found quite a few mixed reviews which made me a bit confused but listening to the sound samples on the DiMarzio website, it sounded good. I also looked at the DiMarzio Air Norton and it sounded like a really nice bridge pickup with great highs.

Is this a good combination?
Is there a better combination?
Should I forget about replacing my pickups and just replace the speaker on my Valveking? (I'm not entirely sure if it's my pickups or my amp)
try the speaker first, it's cheaper. then PM CordoroyEW annd get some neobuckers wound for you
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