I’m taking my RGT Grade 4 exam on Thursday, but I’ve been out of the loop for so long I’m starting to get very nervy. I’ve learnt all the scales, arpeggios and chords - and I have no fear I’ll do well in the lead playing section, but some things are really scaring me…

The unseen chord sequence, I’ve been practicing and quite often I’ll mess up on the first attempt, which obviously wouldn’t go down well in the exam. The part where you have to feedback four bars of rhythm is also causing lots of problems for me as I can’t nail any more than the first two bars before it looses me and I’m very sketchy on the theory side of things - as I understand, the examiner for example could ask me, what notes do you get in a D# dominant 7th arpeggio? I’d be ****ed if he asked me that.

Can anyone give me some advice? Especially someone who has taken Grade 4 (RGT) that’d be very helpful!
im not trying to be a killer..but an exam in something you like doing..its just like school.
ive never taken a musical exam, why? i know about 8 chords..IF THAT! but i can happily sweep 7 strings..
understandable if you want to be a teacher in guitar..but not for me.
What do you mean you cant nail past the 2nd bar..i mean how do you screw up, is it just a progression of chords???

also if you go on chordfind.com or all-guitar-chords.com or something along those lines..google it..you can actually select a certain D# dominant 7th and look at what notes appear in the arpeggio...it all gets quite relative and you will understand it VERY quick

sorry i cant help much more, but my exam style mind went out of phase about 5 years ago :P
Right, literally just created an account as I'm fed up of finding things I can help with but need an account to do so

I took my RGT Grade 4 about 4 years ago now, and I really don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you learn the chord and scale patterns from the official book (which I presume you have?). Honestly, I wasn't the best with theory back then but I took the RGT Grade 4 because, while my playing was at grade 8 standard (I took the Rockschool performance grade 8 6 months later), I was well behind with my 'applied theory' and I think it really benefits to learn why you play what you do for certain sounds/styles and what the characteristic elements are of various scales/chords.

Basically, don't panic yourself and spend 15-20 minute 'sessions' with your guitar testing yourself. I also found reading through the scales and chords in the book before going to bed each night helped in the week before the exam.

If you need anymore help; write out your own chord charts (random chords if need's be) based on what is in the books and then attempt to play them after giving yourself a few minutes to look them up. As for the scales, choose a root note and the tonality and then just work through the different positions of it
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