hey guys just a quick question, i got the gp tab for antihero and it says its in d tuning when the stuff off there latest album is drop c, is the gone forever album d tuning or is the tab wrong?
first of all, drop c and d tuning are almost the same, only difference is the low E-string.
I don't know the song so I don't know, but if you look at the figures for power chords you can figure it out

Drop C powerchords:

D tuning powerchords:

hope you get it
Drop D is possible to, then the best thing to do is to just listen to what sounds best/more accurate.

Good Luck
yeh, i didnt think the open palm mutes sounded as low, i cant be bothered with tuning up n down all the time so ill just learn crucify your beliefs, shame tho coz antihero rocks lol
thx anyway guys