I'd like it to have a lot of range.
I play metal, hard rock, and classic rock(metallica, megadeth, guns n roses, van halen, hendrix, buckethead, ect.)
I already have a built in wah on my FBV pedalboard...but its just not cuttting it.
If you think i should just keep the wah on the FBV, please, tell me.
and i've been looking at the crybaby from hell, any thoughts on that?
i have a crybaby 535Q. Its great cos it's got a Q control, a volume boost which you can turn on and off and another knob that changes the tone. Lots of options on it. great pedal.
Excuse me while I kiss the sky...
the crybaby will win this thread..
i tried one in the shop the other day...kinda swayed me.. i was playing a c1 hellraiser thru a bogner with a tube screamer..lol n trust me, was metal enuf..
If you're looking at wahs for metal and hard rock, I haven't tried them personally, but I know lots of people use the Ibanez and Morley wahs.