so how much do you think would be the least amount to offer someone for this guitar? its an elitist les paul custom in white. it is from 2002 and has normal wear and tair, probably not much though...he was asking 650, I think he went down from like 750 a while back. it looks like no one wants to buy from him. so I asked him if price was firm...he asked what my "bid" was on it...I havent emailed him back, because I dont know what to tell him really.
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As long as it comes with a case and some other random crap (people love to throw in stuff they don't want anymore when you buy their amp/guitar) then $600-650 is totally fair. You might not even want to offer $550, that's almost too low. Say $600 as long as it has a case. You're getting a great deal either way.
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