I'm hoping this is the right place =S

I'm new ya see anyways dose anyone know what set up the guy from The Fall Of Troy uses?

and if you can set a ZOOM G2.1U effects pedal to sound like it..

Mainly Gibson guitars, an Orange AD-140, and a bunch of different effects including stuff like EHX Big Muff Pi USA, Ibanez TS-9 Turbo, some Boss delays, Digitech Whammy, etc.

That is his gear list.
You might be able to set your multiFX to get some pedal tones, but you aren't going to get the real thing without a bunch of stompboxes and the right amp.



Yeah i know I forgot to put in that I didn't want the same exact sound just along the lines of but thanks alot (:
Besides using his exact gear, try not to use as much gain. He uses less than people think.


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Hmm I'll try that I guess I'm really looking for the kinda delay effect he uses on FCPREMIX well something along the lines of that