Hey everyone

I've seen/read that some people use and say you can use a bass pickup on a mandolin. i guess like one of the split style ones. i've found a few people saying its true but i cant find anywhere showing how its done.

can anyone here get me some more info on this?

I've seen Mandolin pickups before, but only in catalogs, so I don't have a link for you. But they do exist, if it helps.
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Ask CorduroyEW if he'll make you one.
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could you make one using an old pickup or a kit like those sold at stewmac. like their strat single coil kit. just cut the plates for only 4 poles then wind it.

also is their any problem/ reason (besides looks/size) that you couldnt use a guitar pickup. just using the 4 middle pole pieces. would that work . (spacing is pretty close i think)