Hi. I have an Ibanez V Series V70CE electro-acoustic guitar and a zoom gfx-5 processor. i would like to know if i could get a good acoustic guitar processor which would be compatible with my zoom gfx....

i tried to make some patches for acoustic simulation but it doesnt sound as great when i play without the effects....

p.s. i dont need chorus/echo/delay on the acoustic guitar processor because i want to use my gfx too....

any suggestions? i would be glad!
im sorry i can't answer your question but i need to know how do u like ur ibanez, how are the electronics, sound, action, and playability?
The sound quality is good and comparable with that of yamaha guitars. Its got a unique tone and the harmonics are just awesome.
There is a ibanez aeq-equalizer on board and theres a tuner too.....a handy tool, bt the downside is that in the lowest strings u gotta press a bt more hard to get the note. Bt overall i'd giv a 8.5/10 rating to it considering the low cost and the overall finish of the guitar