whats up guys, i recently picked up a Peavey XXX head and it was cranking good and all. But it started yesterday when i was playing and the fuse blew, so i went and got a new one and it cranked back up. So i was playing for about 15 min and it just cut out, it didnt turn off, just no sound was coming out, the amp still turns on and the tubes heat up, but when i take it off standby theres nothing. I noticed before when i didnt have it on standby and was playing the bottom of the tubes would glow blue, and they dont do that now when i take it off standby. can anybody help me?
i have it set on 8 ohms and im running it through a Kustom 4x12 cab. I also have a power conditioner and a sonic maximizer but thats all hooked up right.
have you tried playing the amp with both the standby switch and the on switch both on because on my combo its the same way you have to leave both the stand by and power switch on
yea, i turn the power on and let it warm up and even when i flip the standby switch its not working.
It could be your power tubes, But to is sounds like a resistor or cap has blown in the amp, try a new set of power tubes and see if that fixes the problem. If it still doesn't work take it to your amp tech, unless you know what you are doing. BTW When an amp blows a fuse I usually go ahead and have it checked out buy my tech even if the amp works after replacing it, because most of the time fuses do not blow unless somthing is going wrong, and are meant to be a fail safe to protect the amp, which in your case it did, you should have check it out before you played it again.
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It IS your power tubes. Trust me. Call Bob or Eddie at Eurotubes, order the complete high gain KT77 kit for your amp. Thank me later.

Also, you should order the bias probe and multimeter. It's only $35 for both.
It's sickenly easy to bias your amp. Run the amp @ 39-40ma.
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thats what i was starting to think. ill try that out, i did notice one of the power tubes doesnt seem to be lit up as bright as the other ones. thanks guys.