Hey dudes, I'm thinking of buying one of the new Peavey Vypyr tube amps. My question is, do I really need to pay $650.00 for the 120 watt 2x12, or will the 60 watt 1x12 for $450.00 be just as good?


Also, do you think the Sanpera II controller is worth the $180.00??

No way I'm buying a solid state, but the tube one's just may be worth it.

Thanks, peace
well do you really need the wattage? are you gigging or do you just want somethin to practice and home and with the band?

i think one of those has a power squezer (maybe the VK idk) that could help for bedroom situations.

i personally would go for the 60 watt mainly because i dont need 120 watts.

other than that i think they are pretty much the same

Edit: maybe check used...you could get the 120 watt for the price of the 60 watt..
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depends on what youre gonna use it for. i would say both are too loud for bedroom practice; the lower wattage is great for band practice and small to medium gigs; the 120 wattage is good for medium to large gigs.
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The reason I want one is because I am in three bands, a church/worship band, a classic rock/blues band, and a metal band. I have a Vox AD-30VT right now, and you just can't hear me with everybody else's 2x12's, etc. I want it mainly for the speaker, not the wattage...
60 watts should be more than enough imo.
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