The title really says it all. I have some recording questions as I want to record a song I just finished writing for this girl.

How can I get my guitar plugged into my computer or how do I get my playing into my PC?

Any decent free recording software I can use?
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U can use a mic using Adobe Audition or I dont rememer what was called the converter for the guitar that connects to the audio card of the PC

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there are one or 2 ways, the cheapest and simplest way to do this is by buying a standard pc mic and a downloading audacity (its free,google it) and recording straight through the mic onto audacity.
Alternativly if you want spend a few quid you can buy a usb audio interface such as the line 6 toneport gx (which i beleive has just been discontinued so you'll need to find an old one or wait for the new one) i'm sure you can use this interface with audacity but i use cubase, which will cost you quite a bit.
Your best bet is to go into your localmusic store and explain to them what you're trying to do, they'll have prices for everything there and will be able to talk you through it in more depth.
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You need two things:

* Sound card: these exist in internal and external form. I advise an external model. It's easier if you need to swap connections often. They come with a number of ports. More is better but only if you want to record several instruments/voices at the same time, or if you don't want to swap connections all the time. To record drums you need more than one port. Some come with MIDI ports. Keyboards and some drums can be recorded through MIDI. Make your choice based on what you need.

Here are some models:
Internal 4in/4out no MIDI: http://www.pcrecording.com/audiophile.htm
External http://www.echoaudio.com/Products/FireWire/AudioFire4/index.php
External via USB http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=products.family&ID=USBinterfaces

If you're not sure what you want, go visit an electronics shop and harass a clerk.

* Recording software: Some cards come with free software, but they're often not very good. I'm currently looking into Reaper (programmed by the same guy who developped WinAmp). As long as you're using it as an amateur, it only costs 50 bucks or so. Even the 30-day trial version comes with all the features working. Other very good programs are Cubase, Cakewalk, Pro Tools, ...

Now any recording software, even a free one, is going to require some time to get used to. Don't expect to learn that in a few hours. If you're trying to impress this girl to get into her pants, better get her some flowers instead.

Best of luck. Post your result in your profile (and I mean the recording, not the... never mind).
Well its a long story basically I told her I would write her something jokingly but she insisted that I should do it so I did
Ibanez RG7321
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