Anyone have any experience with recording bass for youtube?

I've used my laptop mic, but the bass frequencies just make it sound awful. I'm looking for a pedal of some sort to use as an interface for the bass to plug into, then plug that into my laptop.

Anyone know of any good pedals for this? I've heard Korg and Digitech mentioned?

Thanks a lot guys

I use a Digitech multifx pedal as my recording interface. The pedal is kinda crappy but it is a pretty good interface
something you could try is plug your bass into your amp and then use a male/male audio wire to connect from the headphone jack on your amp to the line in/mic jack on your computer

my friend does it with his guitar; dunno/never tried if it works with bass but i don't see why not
Yay fibonacci!
never posted a youtube video. but for recording direct, i've had good results with just about any sort of direct preamp/multifx

at the moment i'm using a sansamp bass driver DI. i've also had good results with the digitech BP50 in the past.

your zoom b2 should do just fine.
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A new version o the older GX.
Easy to use plug and play.
Great for guitar or bass.
Comes with five bass amps and five bass cabinets with TONS of pedals.

Comes with a recording software so that's everything you need for youtube. Just need a camera and video editing program.