I wanted everyone to list the slowest songs they have ever heard. I would say that Sigur Ros has some of the slowest songs I've ever heard. A lot of post-rock is probably going to be tossed around, but feel free to include anything! Thanks!
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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath


Until that ending part of course.
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It's hard to tell the tempo in Ambient music with no percussion so I'd rule them out.
Yeah... That is true. I didn't really specify whether ambient music counted, but I guess if you want to include some, go ahead. And 4'33 could be the fastest song ever, too... Haha
i always thought of black hole sun - Soundgarden

It feels so slooooow...

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Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath.

PS: anyone seen the Power Puff episode where they chase that guy in the dream while playing an extremely slow beat song in the backround? Man when i was young i was so scared of it.
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It goes at one beat per 5 minutes.

which ever band did this must die

i dont find it amusing.
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John Cage - As Slow as Possible

which I see has already been mentioned. but it is the slowest song out there.

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which ever band did this must die

i dont find it amusing.

John Cage is not a band. and that piece is usually performed by an orchestra.
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Well played, goest... Well played... Haha I wonder how they time the 1.316 seconds live...

EDIT: There is also a music video for "You Suffer."
the flight of the bumblebee is perhaps the slowest song in history

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which ever band did this must die

i dont find it amusing.

It's not a band, it's John Cage, and I was joking. There is no musical notes being played, though, and it's more or less an observation of surrounding noises. The point of it seems to be that there is no such thing as pure "silence."