Really rough draft. My great grandfather died today. Sometimes that's what it takes. C4C. Cheers......

Jesus Christ Is The New Black

Black doves collide
In a lack of mid-air telepathy
A crash course in highway construction
And how to stop muscle spasms
From interupting everyday life

White crows tell secrets
Living in trees dusted with snow
And discussing things left to the imagination
And UFO sightings from the 1950's

Heaven and hell are confused again
Got their road signs jumbled up
In a pile of old refrigerators
And broken popsicle sticks
Stained red with the blood
Of the children who turned off their ears

Hire a mechanic
And a the guy from Janes Addiction
To surgically alter everything that made any sense

Black doves
And white crows
Custom fit with bubble gum
Stuck to mangled wings
And yellow suits and ties

My feelings have been ruined
By beer-stealling grandmas

Jesus Christ is the new black

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"Some even claim that I'm a terror, a dictator and they're right." - Lou Reed

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Not bad.
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This is very well written, with some particularly powerful lines. I really enjoyed this. i'll be back
Hey man, i enjoyed this a lot. Im terrible at writing and I think everything that was ever written is better than what I can do, but this is really deep and good. A little abstract but I like it. I just wrote some lyrics and I was wondering if you would help me out a little and give me some suggestions. I think their a little cheesy, haha.
The inspiration of yours is definitely greater than mine too. Im sorry for your loss, I know what its like man.