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bc rich
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well you can get around 30% off on almost anything from guitar center, i would probably go with a js series jackson soloist or warrior, or a lower line ibanez, you might be able to get a ok telecaster for that price
im a beginner and my guitar is a newbie learning guitar (forget what its called) i like to play any kind of music really but i mostly play punk and rock
oh and i like bands like linkin park and billy talent i like to play the kind of music the most
lol my amp is pitiful.. spent my little money on my guitar so had to settle for a dinky 12w washburn
look into Schecter, ESP, and Ibanez.

They all have some of the best gats in that price range.
Oh and by the way this is gonna be a christmas present idea thats why it has the price cap
For a guitar, I'd say B.C. Rich std. Warbeast. The retail is $640, but I got mine for $275 ( ) on Ebay. Great guitar, great sound and got everyone's attention at my school-rock-band's last concert. As for an amp, I'd go with a Micro Cube (old model). The retail price is around $150, but I got mine for $100 on Ebay. Again, great sound, effects and impressed all my friends.
Epiphone Sg G-400 or hss strat. Both retail for around $400, but you can pick um up used for just under $300.
I started out one a peavey raptor. theyre pretty nice but unfortinately discontinued. id say check out some of the squier packages with a guitar and amp if u need both

This is $200

thats case, strap, case, guitar and amp. pretty good deal.

or this

i love ESPs.
go to guitarcenter/whatever store and play all the guitars in your price range.

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already done the guitar center thing...

I'm looking for an ibanez,sg,maybe a bc rich (if i can find a cheap one)
It depends on what you play.

If you play a lot of metal Ibanez would be a better, but the SG would be better for you if you play rock, punk, or pretty much anything.
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Extreme diffrence, especially compared to the sg-310, gibson is made out of higher quality wood, parts, and finish, but i have an epi. les paul studio and i put gibson pickups in it and i compared it to a $2000 gibson lp at guitar center and there was no diffrence in the sound what so ever. The sg-310 which is the white one u said u liked sould have some decent pickups in them, not great but good for rock, punk rock, and you can always later get better pickups when you get more experienced maybe 6 months to a year. I'd say if you like the way it looks go for it b/c in your price range the pickups are pretty much the same on epiphones and other brands arent going to be much better.
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so now it comes down to sg or and ibanez... know alot about them?

Better quality, better pickups, better tone.
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I'd pick a Squier Telecaster... At that price range you have a 95% crap-chance, but it's just something to start out with, that looks cute I just love them.

Otherwise I'd go for an Ibanez, really "easy" fretboards. But it comes down to your ears to choose one.
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I dont mind the amp i just want a good quality guitar

are you sure?

honestly learning on the electric is too easy...

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i say grab a $200 guitar,maybe check out a Ibanez GAX70(my 1st guitar) and spend rest on a amp.

o, god, no.
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