I recently purchased a Jackson Custom Shop Soloist, and need some money. I'm gonna sell my 2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio, and I was wondering how much this might be worth. I have a Seymour Duncan Blackout in the bridge, and a Gibson Dirty Fingers in the neck, although I have the original 490R and 498T humbuckers. There's no dents, or cosmetic damages except an almost invisible scratch on the back of the body I got pulling it out of the case. Pictures below. Thanks.

Hmm...Was hoping for a little more, but you're probably right. I'll have the guitar, case, and original pickups in a little box.
Well afaik standards 2nd hand go for around the £1000 range, so i would say £600 or so sounds about right, maybe a bit more
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it looks really nice, you could get like $900 or higher for it
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maybe $750 or so, you gotta remember its not a straight conversion, here in the uk guitars are priced a lot higher.
Gibson 58 RI VOS Custombuckers
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if you are selling the guitar, the original pickups, and the case, you could probably get near $1000 on ebay for it. It looks like its great shape
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if i had the money i'd pay $800-$1000 for it since it comes with 4 different pickups