'eh, names Jotty, just rolled in to town :P

'Sup fellas?

Well yeah I'm Jotty, I play guitar for.. 4 years? I'm 15 in a week or two. I'm obsessed with Sum 41. (You have to be a dick to critiscise that. Or any other persons musical taste. Witch I assume isn't aloud here)

So yeah peace out
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This post is welcome in the Newbie forum, but there is already a thread for introductions. That can be found here.

Welcome to Ug.

Make sure you check out the New Members FAQ as well. It's quite helpful.
Cool, nice meeting you Jotty btw!

Well, my name is Chris, i've just picked up a bass and i'm in the process of learning some simple licks and rhythms. I love 80's (glam metal), Heavy Metal and Grunge. My favourite bands are Motley Crue, AC/DC and Nirvana.

I'll be in the forum alot and learning my favourite songs in the tabs section, so if you want to contact me just drop me a line or pm me.

C ya!

P.S. - Keep on rockin'
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