Warning: What i'm about to say is unconfirmed at the moment, i've only recently been told and still isn;t 100%. I just need some ideas.

My good mate of mine started a convo with me on MSN about an hour ago, which was about his parents moving away to Canada next year.
He (19) and his sister (25) are staying, in their current home in the UK but need a house-mate in the house while the parents move over for 12-months for work, and i was asked if i wanted to be the house-mate.

It seems good, but there some pros and cons...

- It's literally moving into largish house.
- 20 minutes from Birmingham town centre
- It's one of my best mates and frontman of our band
- It's not too far away from where i live now
- 15 minute drive to the college i plan to go back to in September.

- Where the house is is in a very badly built place (nice area, roads are too narrow though)
- I need a full-time job until September, which is hard to find in these bad times.
- He's a very good mate but would living togather mess up our friendship/band?
- I'm quite happy living at home with my Dad and Step-Mom at the moment
- I'm going back to college to do a HND next year at my old college, so i would be a student again.
- I drive, which is expensive.

Heres the big con: £300 rent a month.

So for the tl;dr... Should i move out next year or not?

There planning to move out late Febuary.

But i've kinda lived on my own before...I didn't like it (this was when i was 17 and before i could drive so it was very lonely and depressing) so would i like it again this time?

And what about when i become a student again? I know about loans and allowances, but would it be enough?

Whats your opinions people?
£300 and near the center? Not too shabby, I live in Smethwick and it's £325, but it's also something of a hovel! Go for it man, if it goes wrong, you can always go back.
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If you're happy living at home and you're still at college £300/month is a lot of money to pay to move out....especially if you are funding a car as well. Plus you'll have to factor in money for food, telephone, and any other bills you need to contribute to....I'd stay at home I think
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Ask your parents to pay for your rent... and your gas... and your food.

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Ask your parents to pay for your rent... and your gas... and your food.

If my kids had the cheek to do that I'd start charging them rent! So probably not the best plan...
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I don't pay rent atm due to losing my old job and now only working part-time at a nightclub (cant afford to pay rent)

When i get a new job hopefully, then i'll start paying my £100 a month rent again.