Ok, so I'm hoping to get a new amp sometime soon, but, there is a problem: The complete and utter lack of space in my house. I've had my eye on the Randall G3 Valve Dynamic series, but unfortunately, they're too big.

Now, what I'm looking for is a reasonably high-gain amp (combo or head, seeing as heads are more likely because of their smaller size). I have a budget of $500-$600, because I'm also going to be getting another guitar, and doing a pickup swap on it. I'm not a huge fan of modeling amps, because I like to be able to sorta create my own tone, but I'm not completely closed to them.

I play everything from Pantera to Disturbed to Metallica to Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Bumblefoot, if that helps at all.

Thanks ^.^
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when u are thinking a combo is too big... do u know that you have to buy a cabinet for your head ?? if u dont and try to play just with the head... it will fry !!
A used 5150 is good, but its quite big. I'd say a Peavey XXX(if you can find one for 500-600). The XXX will do good.
is a 1x12 combo small enough? if so, look for a used XXX 40 watt combo. if thats still too big, your gonna have to resort to getting some sort of modeling device like a POD x3

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